Brown and Providence Schools

Brown and Providence Schools

Brown has a longstanding commitment to providing impactful experiences for students in Providence schools, influencing their educational outcomes and enhancing their access to a high-quality college education and career exploration opportunities.

We believe that every student in Providence deserves access to a high-quality education. For decades, Brown has worked closely with school leaders in Providence to support K-12 education through teaching, training and mentoring, research, volunteer efforts and financial investments aligned with the schools’ priorities. 

Brown’s engagement helps enrich students’ classroom learning, transform physical spaces, innovate teaching practices and inform local education policy. Brown’s ever-growing partnership with Providence schools builds on a tradition of engagement by generations of University students, alumni, faculty and staff devoted to supporting the children in the city that is the University’s home. 

More than 8700 volunteer hours

Student volunteer hours logged in Providence Public schools every year

More than 420 students volunteering

Brown students working and volunteering in PPSD schools every year

More than 1 million dollars provided

Provided in support to PPSD every year

The Fund for the Education of the Children of Providence

Through its Fund for the Education of the Children of Providence, the University provides sustained financial support to the Providence public schools. A Public Education Committee made up of campus and community stakeholders is charged with recommending use of payouts from the endowed fund in ways that can most benefit Providence students. Members also play a key role in guiding the direction of K-12 education initiatives at Brown and ensuring we are optimizing resources to support Providence Public School District (PPSD) in the most effective ways possible.

With education at the core of our mission, the University is committed to bringing the best of Brown — our people, tools and resources — to partner with our local community to advance student learning and improve outcomes. A strong education builds a foundation for a child’s lifelong success. Individuals who graduate and have access to quality education throughout primary and secondary school are more likely to find gainful employment, have stable families and be active and productive citizens.

Every year, hundreds of Brown community members engage with students in Providence schools through teaching, tutoring, after-school enrichment and more.
Brown researchers are working to understand and confront the most pressing challenges facing Providence schools, from English and reading proficiency to teacher retention.
For more than a half century, Brown University students, faculty and staff have engaged in programs and initiatives dedicated to making a positive, long-term impact on school children and teachers in Providence schools.
This listing of latest news reflects Brown’s ongoing engagement with Providence schools.