Brown and Providence Schools

College Day at Brown

This immersive one-day program brings Rhode Island high school students to the Brown University campus to experience a college setting and learn about their opportunities in higher education.

Brown has a longstanding commitment to providing impactful experiences for students in Providence and beyond — influencing their educational outcomes and enhancing their access to a high-quality college education and career exploration opportunities. In keeping with this commitment, the University created College Day at Brown, an immersive day-long experience for high school students in Providence and other Rhode Island communities. The programming is designed to introduce or further expose students to the world of higher education by facilitating pathways and creating familiarity and excitement about the pursuit of post-secondary education at Brown, as well as other colleges and universities.


College day At Brown

“ Taking part in College Day really helped me get to know what the environment is like at Brown and what opportunities are here. ”

Hector Flores Classical High School student

Throughout the course of the day, students have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be in a college classroom and explore a variety of disciplines — expanding their understanding of the possibilities of higher education. They meet with college advisors and talk directly with Brown students, providing a window into student life on a college campus. Educators and other adults chaperoning the school groups are invited to attend sessions on professional development.

This programming seeks to further strengthen the partnership between the University and public schools in Providence and throughout Rhode Island.


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“ Most of my work consists of preparing students for the college admissions process, but there is a need to explain what happens once that process is over, and they arrive on campus. I can try to paint a picture, but nothing can compare to firsthand experience. College Day at Brown provides that space for students to see/feel what it's like to be a college student. ”

Ana Almeida Associate Director of College Admissions, Onward We Learn